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September, 2015 - This archived version of Investor Transparency® is no longer being updated. For a current version of our program, please see

The Perfect DJIA Because Each of 30 are Trading at Their Cash Profit ROI 24/7

(see stock split tab)

The lid is off for a Hedge or ETF for the Best 10 Dows, All Prior Offers are Reduced in Half 

 Updating Includes "Perfect DJIA" a 10 Stock Index this Tab


Investing in stocks is a contradiction in terms better known as an oxymoron because to make money one has to divest the stock. AB$% is a Daily Universal Trademark that compares trade values being exchanged from the corresponding Return on Investment (ROI) for the very latest Operating Cash Profit (OiBiTDA) of a Corporation. Cash Operating Profits are the means to future growth for the Corporation. There is no need to liquidate stocks on the rise when they are generating high ROIs as being told by the Absolute Percent. Simply speaking, AB$% Investing is making money holding stocks from the Inversion of ROI as Patented for growth.  Corporations should be encouraged to split their stocks for corresponding increases to the Absolute % (chart 2) with no change to ROI because an Investor gets more shares per $1000 invested.



New $30 Trillon Daily Change Data Awaits Service

New Heights for Price per Share, Made Absolute to Record, Trade,  Compare, Manage, Teach, & to Certify Accuracy         

The Worldwide Daily CHANGE data below to Stock Prices conservatively serves a 30 Trillion Dollar Public Equity Market. Until now the Trading Value per Share in any currency has been the Data Servant to the Price of a single share, (DJIA $5 Trillion). The Absolute Percent (AB$%®) and its Average Price per Share in any currency is NOW the Data Servant to another $25 trillion with Fund Per Share Recording & Trading  Accuracy. In reality the chart below is the Data Servant to the largest segment of $10 trillion by itself. That being, for all owners of Single Dow Stocks & Funds with Dow Holdings from the arithmetic of its Patents with SEC user friendly OiBiTDA ROI.  The $25 million D 30 Curve model (1st line below) accomplishes this end from individual stock holdings that are in proportion to each corporation’s outstanding; ranging below 1 million to 10 billion plus (GE). Such is a simple step  to mega-dollars of advertising by the embodiment of Patents with its Trademark, AB$%. In addition the same data is corporate desired & worthy for Certifying their Operating Statements Each Quarter by the Hours Paid to their employees with its own variation to 100% versus Hours Earned via dollars and/or units sold. See last Tab, CPA Certified Operating Statement of a Major Public Corporation 





a) Any Public Equity Basket (a Fund) of Stocks can be exchanged for another on an Exchange.


b) Every Public Fund can be growth compared to any other over a fixed time frame, Quarterly Preferred


c) Every Public Fund can be compared to any other daily for a better OiBiTDA ROI  


d) Every Public Equity Fund can Submit  Audited  Accurate Certified Semi-Annual Financial Statement to SEC with Shareholder Transparency as Dated with an Average Price per Share.  


e) Broker Accountability to the Average Trading Value per Share       


f) All stock purchases and exchanges  can be added to an Excel Worksheet for AB$%  control & effect for Managers of  Institutional Portfolios and other Portfolios. 


g)Brokers will be accountable to AB$% and ROI  


 Earned Hours versus Paid Hours

      h)  Inve$tor Tran$parency of Bx #3 ROI & AB$% with Quarter to Date by Week vs. Prior Quarter

      i)   Certification of Quarterly Financial Statements Accuracy with considerable less cost will become routine for submission  to the SEC & Internal Revenue


Mariano D’Amico NY state CPA Retired dated 9/28/1962- Patent Inventor 7/10/2012 & 1/7/2014     


     Presently the financial world has “rising trade value bias” which is income orientated for market connected professionals that starts with big bucks from media advertising. It is a syndrome by which Wall Street get fees that start innocently as low value stocks are being exchanged for high value stocks directly or via ETFs. As stocks grow in price new investors get historic appreciation that reduces the rate for future growth. This phenomenon also reduces ROI for the DJIA, not presently being revealed by the media or the entire  profession while charging fees for advice. Corporations become victims of their own success by not making timely splits of their outstanding shares that would benefit Investors getting more shares per $1000 invested as reflected by the Absolute Percent.  


As quoted from the examiners reasons for allowance; abbreviations 1st 2nd and & notwithstanding


      “The prior art (Ficery & Ballow) does not disclose the calculation where after the benchmarks & individual ROIs, OiBiTDA are calculated, an overall investor transparency value (OIV) is determined, by further combining all the individual ROIs with all individual benchmarks for each company.”          

       “The prior art of record does not teach or provide motivation to combine the references to teach” displaying each of the individual OiBiT values & each of the individual ROIs of each publicly traded equity investment of each portfolio,  along with the overall (OIV) of all the first publicly trade investment comparing the OIV of the 1st company to the OIV of the 2nd  company determining a change in performance of the 1st & the 2nd publicly traded company based on the calculated OiBiT quarterly hourly benchmark;

            determining a change in performance of the 1st & the 2nd publicly traded company based on the calculated ROI;

            acquiring or divesting additional stocks of the 1st company or the 2nd publicly traded company depending upon which of the OiBiT quarterly dollar benchmarks of the 1st company or the 2nd publicly traded company has changed.

            Therefore the claims are deemed allowable.